Friday, May 29, 2009

Give Me Pockets Or I'll Scream

Things I've discovered so far about maternity dressing, with help from GapMaternity at Gap Herald Square:

GapMaternity dress, $38.99

If I didn't wear green dresses with ducks on them before
, why wear them now?
This is how I explained to my sister and mother why I was rejecting their offer of an adorable Lily Pulitzer maternity dress.* Same for orange flowered dresses. Cute and sweet? Yes. Is it me? No.

Don't be afraid of horizontal stripes.
This is an addendum to the above. I loved stripes before, and I love stripes now ($12.99 cowl-neck T).

$54.50. Not my color till I get some sun.

Belts? Maybe not so much.
Obvious, right? Here's a close exception, the orange narrow rope belt sits high and is not at all constricting.

Thus far, sleeker is better.
The inclination may be to go for the tent style, but so far I've felt better in form-fitting maternity. Kind of weird, I know, but slimmer makes me feel more stylish. And enhancing the belly helps remind guys on the subway to give you their seat.

Pants-girl discovers dresses.
All I want are dresses as I'm dreading the impending summer heat. August and July, please go easy on me.

Enjoy strapless.
Some of you have never had a problem holding up strapless tops and dresses, but if you're like me, rejoice in this new-found ability. Strapless GapMaternity, right, on sale for $48.99.

It's against the law for maternity clothes to have pockets.
That's why I should snatch up this dress. Seriously, as if some pockets are going to push the scale and make a pregnant girl feel just too big? No, people! We're huge and have no waists, at least give us pockets.

*With apologies to The Preppy Princess, but I think she understands I'm not much of a Lily girl!

Gap Herald Square, 60 W. 34th @ 6th Avenue


WendyB said...

You're looking scrumptious! I especially love the Gap strapless.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to dresses, Pants Girl. Hope you stick around even after Baby Herald arrives.

Syed said...

That striped cowl neck tee looks wonderful! Wow, and I love the strapless dress :)

Seeker said...

Oh you look adorable and that strapless dress is so nice as the first one too.

Hope you'll have a nice weekend


The Preppy Princess said...

You. Look. So. Cute.

However... we totally understand your lack of interest in the Lilly dress, it is just not you, and now is not the time to try and make it you....!

Good heavens, the strapless number looks hot! And that cowl neck, along with the jumper (for lack of a better name), are really cute.

Have a splendid weekend Miss Fashion!

yiqin; said...

I need to find a nice strapless dress!

39th and Broadway said...

I was actually contemplating that Gap strapless dress in non-maternity (I think its almost the same one), it really is so so adorable!

About your train comment, I always wondered do people really give up their seats? Do you have to ask or are people generally thoughtful, even during rush hour?

Tricia said...

Wendy - Thanks! and the strapless is perfect for summer.
Sal - umm, maybe a little! I'm certainly appreciating the versatility.
Dapper - love that tee too.
Seeker - thanks! hope your weekend was great!
TP - OMG, I misspelled Lilly, didn't I? I'll never be a preppy princess!!
Yiqin - you do, you'd look great in strapless!
39th - I forgot to say the maternity line is nice as it's Gap true but with a big belly.
And sometimes, rarely, people give up their seat - it's almost always young Hispanic men and over 30 women. Very interesting, right? There needs to be a study.

Dream Sequins said...

I love that dress with the pockets and the strapless dress. I would wear them myself and I don't have much up top either :D

Miss Yaya said...

i really like the dress with the pockets.

with all clothes i strongly believe the only ones that need to be actual maternity are pants and maybe shirts

otherwise - stretch and length is all that's needed, and I generally use that as my can't fit into my pants day army of clothes anyway