Friday, May 15, 2009

Matthew Williamson H&M: Round Two

I was unable to scare up a model today, so welcome to maternity modeling 101:

Yes, Dahling, you are a fabulous bird print tunic. $69.90, & I think this was the last one left.

Annnd, the pregnant view. Not bad. Who'd have thought I'd find maternity in Matthew Williamson?

Fabulous bird tunic #2:
the awkward blogger pose, and the patented Armed & Akimbo hunch, which kind of hurt the belly so I couldn't really do it proper. This one sets you back $199, which really, truly hurts.

This wrap dress is OK. Still, wouldn't spend $59.90 on it. My pose is telling you that.

Yuk! Dowdy maternity! But it is a more reasonable $24.90.

Sunglasses up close, $34.90: working the pensive look, & gratuitous belly shot w/sunglasses proving the versatility of an M. Williamson tunic.

End w/kooky pose. I adore this heart T/cover-up, great maternity, $29.90.

Go and seek out the tunics (they are going fast), the bikinis and tankinis (there were lots of these), the cute T-shirt coverups, and the sunglasses. I'm iffy on the bags for almost $100, but Herald Square has tons of them. Not so many sunglasses.

H&M Herald Square, 34th & 6th Avenue


Unknown said...

Sweet stuff!

Cammila said...

Ooh, interesting post! Maternity is such a tricky fashion issue, I can't quite get my head around it. But maybe that's just because human reproduction is confusing. ;)

Anonymous said...

i love the second one! especially on you! it looks great. plus you could totally wear it while pregnant and after! 2 for 1! =)

Seeker said...

Oh I love bird tunic #2, and you look fabulous in it.

Have a nice weekend


Sharon S said...

Hi there-you look gorgeous in all the pieces my dear! Have a great weekend!

WendyB said...

That first one looks fabulous on you!

Kira Aderne said...

Beautiful! And you have great legs!!!

Butterflydiary said...

I had no idea you were preggers. CONGRATS!!! And that tunic is TDF! I have to go get that.

Dream Sequins said...

Wow. You should be like a maternity model. You look sooo fab!

Sister Wolf said...

Please get the first one! Plus, you look absolutely beautiful.