Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Men's Never Fail to Please

I dropped by H&M Men's on 34th Street the other day with Jeffrey (his pictures to follow), and was pleased to once again find a hat I couldn't resist:

Major sun-visorish straw hat. If I remember correctly, $7.90?

And these boy shorts had my name on them. Well, if I was in Run DMC, that is.

For real boy shorts, Brooklyn style.

Don't ever pass up the Men's while you're in H&M, ladies.

H&M Herald Square, 34th & 6th
H&M, 34th & 7th Avenue


Anonymous said...

Ach, love them BOTH!

arms.akimbo said...

Adorable. Their undies are amazing.

Tricia said...

aa - the undies, killing me! I have to get a pair and see how they work as maternity wear...
sal - me too, sometimes i have more fun in the men's dept!

Seeker said...

OMG I love that hat!!!!


Anonymous said...

o. m. g! i NEED those undies. are they mens? how much are they? ahh. we don't have an h&m around here. =/

Lipstick said...

I am lovin' those Run DMC shorts...I don't know why. But I think I might need 'em.

Xmastime said...

ill say it - you look good in a hat! didnt we go over this last year? :)

Grayburn said...

Hey! Wondering if you guys saw any of William Mathewson's collection at H&M?

Those shorts are cute!

x Grayburn

Tricia said...

seeker - me too!
Farren & Lipstick - the RunDMC's kick butt. haha. We all need them!
Xmastime - you can keep on telling me this every year.
Grayburn - i couldn't go yesterday as i had a seminar to attend. but i'm going to check it out today!