Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Xmastime & Posh: Reunited in Underwear?

Sadly, only if he runs to Macy's Herald Square today and buys $85 worth of Emporio Armani women's underwear. Which I would totally pay for if we still had a budget, because the comic opportunities abound with the whole women's underwear buying alone, not to mention the whole reunited with Posh photo-op thing. Damn the recession. In case you forgot how Xmastime was practically breathing down her neck at a fashion week from yore, check out our video clip, "Desperado," here. Just watch the first two minutes, it's all Posh and Xmastime.

Post at last night's Met gala looking "fierce."

You, too, can meet Posh and get a photo with her during a private meet and greet on the 6th floor of Macy's Herald Square at noon tomorrow. But you've got to be one of the first 150 to buy $85+ of the Emporio underwear before the event. Or you can just go to the unveiling of her worldwide exclusive on the main floor at 11am. I'm assuming this involves a huge photo of Posh in her skivvies, not unlike her husband's?*

Go here and scroll down for all the details.

*Update: Look, I was right!

Update Update:
Posh pics from the event this morning. How adorable is she today? I love a "soft" Posh. Xmastime missed the whole thing because of "work." Thanks to the Gossip Girls site for the pictures and their great coverage of the event

Adorable in "messy" hair. Are those David's abs?

Nope, all Posh! She and her husband do some hot ads.

Macy's Herald Square,
151 W. 34th between Broadway & 6th


Lipstick said...

I am so completely distracted by those very odd shoes....

Tricia said...

Lipstick - I'm not really feeling this Victoria look, and those shoes are crazy!

Cammila said...

I can't tell if I love or hate this. Maybe if the crazy dress and crazy shoes weren't together? She's already so spidery -- with too much weird stuff on, she just looks like an alien!

Danny Daily said...

she was perfect this morning.

Tricia said...

dg - she looks perfect! now I wish i'd gone, sigh!
cammila - yes, don't like her look here. but i loved her adorable and sexy look this morning!

gg said...

Hate to buck your trend, but she does little for Moi. Kind of cute in a boyish way, but nothing worthy of the hype. My apologies to Xmastime.

Sharon S said...

Hi there-she look lovely with even just half a smile hovering!!