Thursday, April 16, 2009

Piper & Blue Sale at Kmart

Piper & Blue caught my eye at Kmart on 34th Street yesterday. Most is 30% off in Juniors, where you can find a really cute blouse on sale for $13.99:

Blue! White! Long!

^^ I don't condone wearing tights as pants. I'd like to make my position clear: ugh. But Kmart has a tough dressing room policy: only 4 items and you have to bring them all back to get 4 more. Yes, annoyingly inflexible (although I'm always highly entertained by my Kmart dressing room attendants, never a dull moment back there). Anyway, I was wearing a dress that day and was not going to change back into my clothes to grab a pair of pants. Thus those cute grey tights, $6.99 on sale in Juniors, also come in other colors including basic black.

Cute dresses, all Piper & Blue, & all 30% off $19.99. I'm thinking perfect poolside.

I really wanted to buy this star dress (on sale, $17.49), but can't get over feeling/ looking like a constellation powder puff.

2nd favorite item, striped summer sweater on sale for $13.99, also comes in yellow & grey stripes. No buttons, hangs cute. And I really want a cheap little romper, aka jumpshorts, for summer days, this one's on sale for $11.89.

Kmart, 250 W. 34th between 7th & 8th


Anonymous said...

i love piper & blue! i as at kmart one day, randomly browsing, adn then i realized that all the stuff i liked were from that brand. =) i have those grey tights actually! =)


I LOVE that white blouse!

La C.

Sister Wolf said...

THANK YOU for making your position crystal clear. I could not agree more.

You can wear the star thing when you are preggers!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the star dress would work belted ... as a tunic? Or maybe I'm dreaming ...

Kira Aderne said...

Cool grey laggings!

yiqin; said...

I know they say only people who are jealous will keep telling people to stop wearing leggings as pants. But really, I can see your underwear! :/

Cammila said...

That star dress seems so cute in theory, but it really does look like a big puff ball on you -- which doesn't do your figure justice at all! ;)

Tricia said...

Farren - that's exactly what I was thinking when I was at Kmart! And I thought those leggings looked familiar...when are you coming to nyc to be my intern???!
LaC - me too, so impressed, a great spring/summer blouse.
Sister Wolf - I'd have to be REALLY preggers. Like 9 months.
Sal - The eternal optimist! Unfortunately a belt on me would look even worse.
Kira - Adorable!
Yiqin - I'm not totally against leggings as pants if they aren't see-through, eg: if they are cotton, but nylon tights, def. no!
Cammilla - exactly, so cute in theory, not so much irl.

Syed said...

The turqouise dresses are so beautiful, and the jumpshorts look fabulous!! Meh, tis a shame about the shape of that star print dress, it would be cute in another cut.

eeps. said...

that stars dress is really funny though. i'm kind of thinking about it. wish i wore that during my trip in dc!