Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shoes, Rompers & More @ Daffy's Herald Square

More from Daffy's shoe department on the 5th floor:

Many, many shoes by Devani, left. Most are $39.99 (were $120). Fab gold are Hale Bob.

Polka dots by a favorite, oh...DEER!

Yet more examples of Why I Love Daffy's Shoes. And if you're a small shoe size, they've got these bronze boots on sale now for a pittance. There's also some cute Triple 5 Soul on 5 next to shoe department. Check out these cotton rompers, perfect for summer weekends. I really, really dislike the word "romper" for women over 10 years of age, but these are rompers. Or onesies. Help, we need a new word.

There's navy, hot pink, and light grey.
And look for this this little T5Soul jumper and jacket:

I might have to go back for these, the T5Soul is usually $25 - $50-ish.

And these miscellaneous short jackets I found on the racks by the dressing room on 6:

Blue Wednesday cropped jacket, $23.99, and forgot-the-designer but was $750, now $149.99 lace jacket.

Daffy's Herald Square,
34th & Broadway


Anonymous said...

Those yellow heels are mangnifico!

WendyB said...

Go for that last jacket -- the black lacy one. Very cute!

Sister Wolf said...

Rompers = preschool. I am seeing more and more of them. Can't we just call them jumpsuits? Maybe the word "romper" is a good way to deter us grown-ups from abusing them, though.

And plus, the gold shoes are fantastic!

Miss Yaya said...

hello gold shoes and polka dots - did you want to trot on over to my collection?

it's no wonder that the verification word is oveliker... i'm OVERLIKING these shoes... if only i could fit them somewhere... hmm

arms.akimbo said...

Love a polka dot and love a wedge.

Tricia said...

sister - topshop calls their rompers "playsuits," just as bad! we need a word!

Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

wouldn't that big security disk puncture a hole in polka-pumps? Not that the person who buys polka-pumps would mind.

Tricia said...

imedla - hahaha! i'm so used to seeing those everywhere I hardly notice them anymore. hopefully would blend in w/polka dots.

Sister Wolf said...

I've got it: At Intermix online, they call 'em jumpshorts. It's better than rompers, right??

Tricia said...

^^ I knew you'd find a word, i love it as it's like "jumpshot" but for clothes.