Friday, March 27, 2009

Daffy's Neutral

Go to the 6th floor of Daffy's Herald Square and walk down the aisle between the dressing rooms and the registers. To your right is a rack full of perfect Gerard Darel neutrals.

The sleeves (left) are sheer and have little buttons.

You won't find the polka dot, bought it!

Linen and cotton blends, all are $29.99. By now I bet you've seen a "neutral" how-to or editorial in your fashion mags. Get one of these and keep it simple. You'll also find this little silk Stella McCartney I hid in with the Darels:

$119.99, was $495. And be sure to check out shoes a floor below while you're there. I'll post more photos next week, but here's a teaser:

A whole wall full of Luca Stefani boots. Ah, love the neutral.

Daffy's Herald Square
, 34th & Broadway