Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shoes, Fries, and Accessories

What an afternoon. First, Pat Field for Payless shoes on sale (see tomorrow's post), then a little Manhattan Mall wandering inspired by a Racked Twitter request, and last, a perfect, just-a-step-above fast food burger & curly fries at Bruce's Burger. All I needed for more perfection was a McDonald's shake.

I dropped by Afaze in Manhattan Mall as earlier in the day Racked twittered the need for those plastic backs for earrings. Which reminded me of my dire need for these as I seem to always lose one in every pair of earrings I own (blame cats...). Where to find? Mirthful33 was lovely enough to twitter back: Claire's or Afaze in Manhattan Mall. Really one of my most productive twittering sessions yet.

But sadly, Afaze no longer carries the plastic backs. I'm checking out the bead stores on 6th Avenue later this week. Here's what Afaze did have:

A few baubles in the line of this spring's "ethnic" trend:

You could wear that headband across your forehead ala Arden Wohl, but then I may have to send Cousin Phil over to torture you.

Bright pink and green faux-skin clutches, $22, what's not to love? Afaze is like a grown-up Claire's. One can get a little lost in there. And I'm very excited with the Manhattan Mall progress. No JCPenney yet, but everything's looking all shiny and modern.

Afaze, Manhattan Mall level 1, 33rd & 6th Ave.
Bruce's Burger, 1 Penn Plaza in Kmart corridor, 34th & 7th. Or, right around the corner from the awesome Garrett Popcorn.



Those faux python clutches are perfect!

La C.

Prunella Jones said...

Love those clutches and the sandles beside them are pretty cute too.

::Otulp:: said...

new reader!!! love your blog. but could you try to post prices as well as pics. thanks so much

WendyB said...

Cute clutches!

Sharon S said...

Hi there-I adore the first bangle, such gorgeous colours!

Anonymous said...

Shoes, fries, and accessories: The big three of AWESOMENESS.

Anonymous said...

Funny we both wrote about the mall and JCP this week! Any inside scoop on it? An opening date? Any other retailer in the works for the mall?
Well done, as always!

Sister Wolf said...

Does Cousin Phil do contract work??

Tricia said...

Sister Wolf - I'll have to see if he's retired from the Marines yet.
Seeker - will visit today! and you know who i'm voting for!
Natanya - have to check your post out, am just back in town. Most of the stores are set in the mall, but Square One will be back on the second floor, Hallmark is coming in on the second floor, and pretty much the rest is as is. KB Toys, of course, is out. I should get an opening date closer to the summer and will def. keep you updated.