Thursday, March 26, 2009

Isaac in Macy's Tonight

Whew, out of town for a day and I almost miss Isaac at Macy's Herald Square. Well, it's not too too late. Got a tweetbeep alert that Mr. Mizrahi is in the Herald Square store tonight at 6pm to promote his first season at Liz Claiborne. First lucky 50 attendees who spend $150 or more get a free autographed copy of Isaac's book "How to Have Style." Call for reservations: 212-494-4000.

And good timing, as I've got a big bright pink post-it on my computer screen that says "LIZ - MACYS." Have you seen Isaac's collection? Very pretty, well done, Liz Claiborne. This may be a perfect match. I'll visit Macy's this week and post some pictures of clothes IRL on ARG.

I love the ad for this spring collection, on the opening page of the Liz site.

Thanks to Glamour for the pics. And while you're at Macy's, use this pass for 15%-20% off purchases. Restrictions apply, etc. etc.

Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th


Miss Yaya said...

hmmm missed it - will have to see the new liz though. wonder what target will do without him hehe

the Preppy Princess said...

We are *so* hoping he can work the wonders with the line that he did at Target. From the pix it looks pretty good. Much of it not for us, but that's irrelevant, we would just like to see the brand revitalized.

Grins & Giggles Miss Fashion!

eeps said...

i saw the window display last week -- so cheerful. actually i think it's pretty funny that isaac put himself in the new liz print ads.

Butterflydiary said...

What a fresh, pretty collection for Liz Claiborne!!! Bravo Mr. Mirzahi...although he cannot do anything wrong. I love his Target pieces.

Tricia said...

miss yaya - you should check it out, it's such a cute collection.
TP - yes, wonders he has done with the Liz line! Interesting to see how it sells, quite a few items sold out at Macy's.
eep - you should check out Macy's 3rd floor Broadway side, Liz is by the Starbuck's. It will lift anyone out of the blues, it is so dang colorful and cheery. I kind of love it he was in the print ads, too.
Butterfly - such a pretty line, you've got to check it out. and the quality, wow, am posting today.