Monday, March 23, 2009

Box O' Lashes (and Fake Nails)

Perhaps some of you also were contacted by Revlon to test some of their products? Well, as Revlon is carried in probably all of our pharmacies* on 34th Street, I asked for the lashes and fake nails. Honestly I was hoping to test some serious press-on nails. I can't resist the press-on.

Here's what came to the office this morning:

I thought I'd be getting maybe two pairs each. Nope, 112 pieces like these:

Fantasy Length lashes, "Chic," "Defining," and "Lush." Think I"ll put Lush on top of Defining;

and these, decorative french manicures, YES!

As one of my favorite guys said upon viewing above box, "We need some trannies." Seriously. I plan, of course, on testing them all and will post a review later. But soon, I'm sure, my office-mate will tire of me gluing on nails and lashes in our shared space. So some major giving away is in Fashion Herald's near future to anyone and everyone who wants to sample. Don't forget nieces and younger sisters. Remember when you, too, were obsessed with Lee Press On Nails?**

*Favorite 34th Street pharmacies: Irmat at 2 Park Avenue when I want highbrow, Walgreen's in the Empire State Building, just to be buying shampoo in the basement of the ESB, and Duane Reade on the corner of 34th & 5th, my go-to snack stop.

**warning: none of these nails are actually press on, you've got to use the glue. But I do have several self-adhesive fake lashes.


WendyB said...

Sign me up for lashes! You know I love those.

Anonymous said...

OOOH. I've got my eye on some of those fake eyelashes! I love those. =) And press-on nails are really upping their game. I saw a pair with checkerboard tips that were awesome!

Miss Yaya said...

i love those! i would make use of every lash... that poor tranny in me lol

Gel-Nails said...

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Tricia said...

WendyB & Farren - Check! I'm setting aside some pairs for you both. And Farren, I'm going to send you some particularly lovely checkerboard faux nails!
Miss Yaya - send me an address if you'd like some! They are light, i can ship overseas.
Gel-Nails - hmm, you're scaring me a little.

Anonymous said...

ooh! I've always wanted to try fake lashes myself. I've had it done professionally once but would love to try it on my own. Long, thick, lush black ones so I can look like a Kardashian! ha ha

So will we get pictures of you all glamed up too?

Anonymous said...

Holy moly, they were generous!

Michelle said...

haha woah, I wish I can get a box of promos. Looking foreard to the pics!

Tricia said...

Natanya - reserving pairs for you! just takes a little practice and you'll be a pro. I'm not sure about those glamour shots, maybe i can photoshop a close-up!
Sal - seriously generous!
Miss Woo - I'm putting you on the advance reservation list too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you sweetie, I'm a little scared I will put my eye out but all in the name of beauty, right!

eeps said...

i want lashes too!