Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gap 34th Street Update

Gap on 34th Street has the Pierre Hardy Design Edition shoes in white and the lighter brown suede look (both $98):

As I've got the brown leather from last spring, I'd pick up the white and vow to keep my feet tanned and pedicured all summer. Although the green ones that are exclusive online are still my favorites.

And these Pierre's walk just like the ones from last season: noisy wooden clogs that are surprisingly comfortable. I still love these shoes.

Also, 34th Street Gap has a table of the new Artist Edition T-shirts, and they look really cute for spring:

I'll try some on next week and will have some more artist information. Looks like most are $28 (half the profits from sales goes to fight AIDS in Africa).

Gap Herald Square, 60 W. 34th Street at 6th Avenue


Anonymous said...

Oooh, I hope some of those green meanies are left once the ban is over! They've been in my head ever since you first posted about them

eeps. said...

guhhh i LOVE the green ones. i can't wear any of the gap edition shoes, they don't make 'em small enough for tiny feet! GRRRRR!

i walked by.. footlocker? today and saw that leighton meester will be there on saturday. will you be in attendance to take pictures of her?

Seeker said...

Nice stuff.


Tricia said...

Sal - they're still on line, and they aren't inexpensive, so I think you may be in luck!
eeps. - I know, it is really frustrating they don't make smaller sizes. And yes, I'll be at Foot Locker for Leighton's appearance. Have any questions for her? I may be able to submit a few.

Anonymous said...

Okay Miss Fashion, you must ask her if she has heard if any of the G2 characters will cross over into the spinoff Gossip Girl show...even though it is set in a different era...?

You are going to be busy!

Tricia said...

tp - uh-oh, obvs I need to do a little research! how do i not know about the spinoff? and a different era, like futuristic gossip girl? hopefully it is set in the past!

The Spicers said...

I've been wanting a pair in green since I first spotted them, even though they've been featured in every fashion mag must have list. They look great!