Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free Clothes!

Don't forget the $50 gift cert. giveaway from! Go here, leave a comment, and you're in. Enter tomorrow by 5pm.

Update: Winner announced! Congrats to The Preppy Princess!

And sorry, just one H&M photo today, more will be posted tomorrow with a little review. Basically if you weren't right in front of the line at 34th Street you weren't getting the peacock dress or top, but I was pleasantly surprised to see tons of accessories. The leather coat is amazing and currently sitting in my office waiting to woo my husband into giving it a home. Kind of hard to justify when I've been giving money/credit card lectures for the past two weeks. Damn me and my big mouth.

What do you think? Keep, sell, return? Promise special things to soulmate for? Hmmm.

H&M 34th Street, 34th & Broadway


Sister Wolf said...

Get the jacket or I'll kill you. Or myself. One of us, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I love the jacket on you! I say KEEP! But, I do believe you could probably fetch a nice price for it online. Whatever you want! I say keep though. =)

And BTW -- I got the new cheetah print Alice + Olivia's and the black cagey A + O's in your previous payless post and I absolutely love them! The cheetah ones are TALL! =) But, they're both super comfortable!

Anonymous said...


Prunella Jones said...

You'd be crazy not to keep that lovely.

Cammila said...

It's just as well -- if you posted any more pics I'd lose my head with jealousy! You New Yorkers and your flagship stores....;)