Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lela Rose, Skulls, and Ping Pong

By my man, for the man.

And the first one in the family to get photographed in the tents for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week? My husband. Yes, last Sunday he went to the 10am Lela Rose show with me and wore his skull tweed coat. The coat was found on the street in DC with a bag of ties, and he promptly painted them all. Update: This post of WendyB's today must be linked, as fabulous skulls should be united whenever possible. And her Juana skull necklace (bottom right) is on sale: total bargain! Perfect gift for husbands who paint skulls to give new moms! Ahem!

Anyway, we were enjoying a Rouge Tomate drink (from the drinks alone I can tell you to book at meal at this restaurant, fantastic) when a woman approached and asked if she could photograph his coat. Then, as we were walking out of the tents, several cameras went a-flashing. I, with my crack reporting skills, completely forgot to take a picture of him in it. This is the same brain that keeps forgetting to tweet from shows. I blame it all on the pregnancy.

We then played Ping Pong in Bryant Park, and the artist took unfair advantage of my inability to lunge for the ball because of enormous belly. I'll get my revenge later. I highly recommend a game of Ping Pong to all show attendees, it's a great break from the tents.

Then, while walking down 6th, we ran into the designer herself with her husband and adorable little girl. How cute is her daughter's dress? Finally, I remembered to take a picture:

All in all a great Sunday morning, because, I'm happy to report I liked this show about 80% more than her show last season. These colors were muted but saturated, all inspired by the painter Alex Katz. This is where my husband insists I have to include Mr. Katz's paintings. Fair enough:

Day Lily II, Eleuthera, Dog at Duck Trap.

Lela Rose SS '10 Collection. That's a perfect navy coat.

I don't think Ms. Rose should change her color inspiration season-to-season, because this one suits her perfectly. Her silhouette is familiar (fitted dresses, skirts, swinging coats, pretty gowns), and the style too, hasn't strayed (a kind of casual sophistication that always makes me think beach although there's ostensibly nothing beach-like about it). But this show was cohesive, well-edited, and packed an understated color punch that translated into confident clothing. Go here for shots of the Payless shoes and runway looks. There's always one style of hers I have to have every season, and next spring it will be this:


WendyB said...

Just to make another connection -- you know Lela Rose started out working for Christian, right????

Tricia said...

no idea, freaky! like 6 degrees of separation, or three?

WendyB said...

Google her bio, he's always mentioned!

Tricia said...

Ahhh, thanks Wikipedia.

kati said...

ping pong! Yes!

La Belette Rouge said...

Your husband was right to insist on the Katz paintings. There is something strangely depressing about Katz's palette. Or is that just me? I am willing to admit I could be projecting!;-)