Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Don't Tease the Undergarment

Today I'm wearing something that shall remain nameless. Something that, over six months ago, I mocked, scorned, and abused (but my mom put it in with my maternity things anyway). And now I'm wearing it. Yes, velcro is involved. But I feel nicely supported (I can't believe I just said that), and it doesn't feel like my belly is being left behind every time I sit up from my chair.

Gratuitous "girls at fashion week" photo w/Lindsey, me, and Kati. Lindsey is kind of hiding the belly. This is just before I entered the "What the hell is this and how does it work?" undergarment phase of pregnancy.

Moral of the story? Don't mock undergarments, they will come back to haunt you. Which reminds me, Lane Bryant and Cacique, their in-store lingerie boutique and one of my old-time favorite lingerie shops, is having a bra-fit event this Friday:

Visit the store on 34th Street Friday through Sunday and get a free expert fitting. Me, I could totally use one right now, I have no idea what the heck my bra size is. Nor my shoe size. And forget about dress size.

Lane Bryant, 7 W. 34th Street between 5th & 6th


WendyB said...

I am SO not going to mock undergarments now. You look lovely by the way.

Miss Yaya said...

i agree that you look great... but this does make me laugh.

i mocked front clasp bras until i wore an uber cheap cottton one from tarjayyy that made me feel like i was wearing la perla

La Belette Rouge said...

You look lovely, as ever. I am not sure that I can even conjure what an undergarment that would involve velcro would be. But no need to explain. All that matters is that you look great and feel good!

Anonymous said...

This post reminds me that I don't get to see your gorgeous mug enough. T, you are RADIANT! Unnameable undergarments or no.

Make Do Style said...

You look fab and I have to say the velcro wonder sounds useful if not slightly intriguing!

39th and Broadway said...

Velcro? I'm scared.

Icy said...

I know the velcro you're refering too, and I too found it fabulous towards the end of my pregancy.

I'll leave it up to you to reveal what it is to the uninitiated here ^_^

Lipstick said...

You look absolutely stunning! That undergarment which shall remain nameless is a total lifesaver. I nearly slept in it.

yiqin; said...

There is so limited lingerie store here!!

Dream Sequins said...

You are supermodel tall in person. Damn I'm envious! :) And I agree with the others-- you still look amazing. The undergarment of which you speak- is that like Spanx for the tummy?

39th and Broadway said...

"uninitiated" "slept in it" ?? Now I'm even more scared!

Hmm reason #528 that I'm not ready for babies!

Tricia said...

icy - happily we embrace the velcro thing towards the end!
lipstick - I was thinking that the other night also! Will happen soon, it will be 24hr. gear:)
yiquin - really? you need to open a store! I know a couple girls who did it here, cute little boutique!
DS - thanks, you are too sweet. And I have my dad to thank for my height. And my height to thank for my big baby, that needs the velcro undergarment! Although it does support, it's all about the lifting support, not the tight holding it all in support.
39th - you are really making me laugh. Even as long as we tried to have a baby, nothing can make you embrace the elastic paneled pants and velcro undergarments until you are desperate.