Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fashion Week Pre-Pics: Models on the Run

This morning at the entrance of the Bryant Park tents, Patrick Demarchelier shot 100 of all the models that are models for Fashion's Night Out.

Straight from my colleague's iphone, the model line-up:

Ok, go!

And one more time...

Wear those black shiny leggings...

Now hold hands...

This post could really use some Armed and Akimbo commentary, but I'm late for a meeting as it is. Perhaps I can get them to contribute later.

And more day-before pics. Here's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week saying hi to Lincoln Center and bidding Bryant Park a little adieu on the facade, still under wraps. But don't forget, we've still got one more fashion week to go in Bryant Park. I keep reading about this season as the "last fashion shows in Bryant Park," but, if my sources are correct, nopes. Fall 2010, held in February, will be the final shows in The Tents at Bryant Park.