Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fashion Week: Day 3, Christian Siriano & Rain

Pics from Christian Siriano SS '10 Show
Fabulous hat. Pantsuit!

Holy moly, finally finish post for day. Was distracted by Spartacus dvd and Kirk Douglas dimple.

12:15pm At weekly gym workout. Am mesmerized by Power Rangers on treadmill TV. Kids like this stuff?

12:45pm Guys in free-weight room looking horrified, like my water is going to break on Smith machine at any moment.

Payless shoes for spring but doubtful they'll look like this in store (as we know from past experience.) And the models weren't exactly cruising in them. Click for fabulous pleats/ruffles.

His blue period. Lovely. Click and check out the piping on that jacket, and does that dress not fall perfectly?

Yes, she does look amazing in that bodysuit.

Again distracted, this time by weekly Baby Center email ("Your baby now weighs 6 pounds" hahaha). Realize I've got to get off ass and get to 4:00pm Siriano show.

3:30pm Walk outside to rain but umbrella's still inside. Stupidly decide I'm too lazy to go back up steps.

3:55pm Pouring rain at tents, waiting for v. late friend who has tix. Forgot press pass, can't get in.

There was a red phase too. And great bags that I hope will also maybe be in Payless.
Update: got my hands on a program, and yes, bags will be in store. Look for them, the Payless collab bags are usually quite good looking and not as cheap in appearance as one would think.

It's like Blass on roids. Adore.

Wet, pregnant, pissed. Text, call, yell at friend.

4:20pm Saved by angelic colleague, get inside, and get good standing room spot. Mad hormones replaced by happy hormones. Text friend that all is forgiven.

4:40pm-ish Siriano starts. Am truly impressed. Get emotional (hormones?) and wonder "Is this the future of American fashion? Is he the true inheritor of Bill Blass?"

This one got huge claps.

The closing dress, truly a showstopper.

Maybe am not so hormonally overboard. The cuts, the sophistication, the RUFFLES, those evening dresses, the pantsuits, the collars: neo-Blass perfection. Am stating obvious by saying this kid is truly going somewhere.


WendyB said...

I'm tiptoeing around you while these hormone things are raging!

Etrapar said...

what a day ^.^

39th and Broadway said...

Lovely Photos! Rough day, so sorry.

FYI, heard Lindsey Lohan was at your 34th street Victoria Secret today!

Tricia said...

WendyB - ja, not a bad idea. My poor husband, it's getting to be boiling point time!
Etrapar - never a dull moment at Fashion Week.
39th - I'm being v. melodramatic, it sucked for 20 minutes in the rain, and then was a pretty good day.
Seriously, Lohan in VS? I miss all the good stuff lately!