Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Aldo's New 34th Street Digs

Aldo has moved down the block on 34th Street and the new store is open. It looks a little smaller than the old store, but it's more sleek and easier to browse for shoes.

So don't freak if, in the near future, you walk past the old location and see no Aldo. Just walk two doors down toward 6th to their new airy digs. Geox should be joining them soon next door.

Progress on Geox: the main floor, and the staircase. It was after 5pm, so yes, time for the guy's smoke break.

And what's going in the old Aldo space? For now, it's still open and having a big sale: everything in the store is up to 70% off.

I've heard some rumors about what may be coming in to Aldo's old home, but I can't confirm. Let's just say so far it's possibly a clothing store, and one that's been expanding during these recessionary times. So now we've got two rumors to confirm. Mucho excitement here on Block 34.

Aldo, 27 W. 34th Street between 5th & 6th


Miss Yaya said...

i wonder if they'll bring an aldo liquidation back