Monday, August 31, 2009

Big Best Buys

Meet my new best buy:

T-shirts are H&M Mama organic cotton, $19.95. The leggings are $14.95 (go get them, preggos) and the stretchy skirt (comfortable) is either $24.95 or $12.95. Sorry, got the prices mixed up.

Long leggings from H&M Mama. Kind of boring, I know, but they are that thin, slightly see-through material, and are so long I can cover my heels for a while (see feet above). I'm like a dancer! Yeah, until my monster feet force the leggings back up to my ankles where they stay nicely scrunched up. This I love, as I'm tall and it's a luxury to have a little extra fabric at the ankles. These leggings also have the big belly panel and are not a bit scratchy, but instead are all comfort and stretch.

This morning my doctor looked at me, felt around my belly, and said "You're going to have a big baby." This puts the fear of "big" into me and makes me want to wrap myself in a big sweater, sit on the couch for a few days, and read a couple Candace Bushnell novels. Yes, escapism rocks (big sweater, left, $59.95).

Mama, found at H&M Herald Square, 34th & 6th Ave


ambika said...

Man, my legs don't look like that & I'm *not* pregnant. Envy!

WendyB said...

You look fab. Eek re the big baby!

Make Do Style said...

You do look fab and doctors do they need to use such terminology!

Anonymous said...

What a HELPFUL COMMENT from the doctor. Eeesh.

Tricia said...

Ambika - you really know how to make a pregnant girl feel good!
Wendy - Right? I kind of knew this was coming, all my sisters had big babies, but now I'm a little freaked!
Make Do & Sal - I really love my doctors, but I think it was the look on her face with the "big baby" that did it. At least she's not bullshitting me?!

The Preppy Princess said...

Yeppers on the Ambika 'great legs' comment, she is spot-on with that. And yes, what a treat to have the extra fabric, they look great on you! As does the skirt, and essentially everything you put on!

Okay, why did the doc need to make the face when telling you about the big baby??? Yikes - we'd be nervous too! But you're also right about knowing she is being straight with you, there's solace in that...yes?

Sending you a hug and a smile Miss Fashion!