Friday, August 28, 2009

Red Boots Do It For Me

When I first saw Footloose, I vowed someday I'd own red boots like Lori Singer's. None in my closet yet, but the vow lives on. These alice+olivia for Payless boots aren't quite the same style (not so cowboy-ish), but still they evoke red-boot-yearning:

Mid-calf, fold-down, and much more cherry red than my camera can capture. These aren't orange. Scarlet sunset slouch, $49.99. Here's the official photo, and I can vouch for that color:

More alice+olivia:

I know, you can't see my toe, but that's due to my swollen preggo feet, not alice+olivia design. The Robertson Jeweled boot, $49.99. Actually more cute IRL and has my fave a+o tassel.

Two more styles, both $49.99: I didn't like the sweater wedge in the box, but then fell for it when I put it on (the leather is slate grey). Actually, it's not really on because my foot wouldn't fit. Brilliant idea, doing shoe posts in my 8th month. I'm not so crazy about the Frankenstein wedge, feels a little too raver child for me.

And for a totally different look, the Mallory suede bootie by Lela Rose for Payless, $34.99. Very, very pretty. Lela Rose always nails a few styles big time in all of her Payless collections.

More designer collab offerings should be arriving in store soon. Didn't see any fall Abaete's yet. And I haven't seen a Patricia Field shoe in Payless since late last winter/early spring. Where are you, Patricia Field for Payless?

Payless, 110 W. 34th @ Broadway


I V Y said...

i especailly like the wegde boots with the wooly fabric on it! awesome!

WendyB said...

I saw red-on-red pirate boots at the Vivienne Westwood store in London. I didn't get them because I already have red suede boots but I keep thinking of them!

Arushi Khosla said...

I love the red boots! In fact, I think boots in bright colors look better flat as opposed to with heels.

Make Do Style said...

Good shoe fetish stuff - the red boots are fab!

Dream Sequins said...

I do enjoy the Frankenstein wedge boots! :) And those sweater boots look delicious. I gotta get myself to a Payless!

the Preppy Princess said...

These look great on you Miss Fashion, regardless of whether or not the toe shows in the A&Os, they are cute on you!

And we really liked the lone Siriano pair you found in your previous post, you can wear these so well.

Hope you have a great rest of the week!

La Belette Rouge said...

I would never have guessed those were Payless. I had to get an emergency pair of flip-flops there a few weeks ago. I should have looked a little further than the flip-flop rack.

Anonymous said...

omg I've been undecided on the park sweater boot and I've been googling all over to see what they look like on someones foot thanks for doing this post