Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kids at Daffy's Pop-Up

Even amongst all the beautiful European clothes at Daffy's Pop-Up store, now dedicated to the kids, I couldn't resist taking a million shots of baby shoes.

Click for up-close cuteness. These baby shoes by Alviero Martini are $13.99.

This cute baby stuff is like an illness. Please feel free to smack me in comments if, post-baby, I begin to gush on and on about baby clothes.

Of course there were other adorable offerings:

Gorgeous Alviero Martini newborn set, $23.99, (reg.$219), Martini newborn cardigan, $19.99, (reg.$180), and Room Seven jacket, $49.99 (reg. $100).

For the little guy: newborn vest by Trussardi, $26.99 (reg. $90), Feu Follet infant coat, $19.99 (reg. $56), and Riskyo Zero pants, $23.99 (reg. $80).

Mommy wants: Burani cardigan, $29.99 (reg. $234), Halabaloo button dress, $29.99 (reg. $72), and orange Le Fromage dress, $23.99 (reg. $76).

Room Seven stockings, and Moschino shoes and boots.

Daffy's Kid's Pop-Up at One Seventh Avenue South is open just in time for back-to-school. Chelsea moms are going to be thrilled with the selection and prices for these clothes. The buy is as well-edited and impressive as the adult pop-up, but not quite as quirky-minded. Instead it's more "elegance defined." Seriously, nobody does understated elegant kid like the Europeans (the Italians are well-represented here).

Again, everything in the pop-up can be found at Daffy's Herald Square. Moms, you really have to visit Herald Square for your baby, because I've been dropping by a lot lately to gawk. And between the above labels, the bon bebe, and the Small Paul, well, it's really, really cute.

Daffy's Pop-Up for Kids, One Seventh Avenue S. at Carmine St.
Open till early September

Daffy's Herald Square, 34th & Broadway


Make Do Style said...

I still find baby clothes cute!!

endyB said...

You're going to have a stylish bebe, I know it!

WendyB said...

Oops! LOL, look how my name came out!

Tricia said...

I thought there was a WendyB imposter, horrors!