Friday, August 21, 2009

Make it to Measure: My Suit Update

I haven't written about My Suit in a long time, but lately I've had a lot of inquiries into the store, their suits, and their pricing. Mostly questions run toward the "Can I really get a good custom suit that cheap?" And from the feedback I've been getting, the answer is "Yes."

Unfortunately, no photos of the actual suits yet, but I'll update later if I can twist some arms. For now, I'll supply you with some quotes from a former employee of my company, a guy who knew of the store but never bought a suit from there till recently:

"They did a great job, really excellent service. I'll definitely go back to them!"

& upon further probing:

"I paid $500, the lowest rate, and got a well-fitting, european-style suit. Picked out color, buttons, pockets, all details...def recommend."

When I last spoke with My Suit, they told me they source a lot of their fabric from Italian mills. The choice, of course, is yours. You can get the expensive wools, or go lower brow. But you will get fitted, and all the trimming choices are yours. And yes, the suits start at $495.

My Suit Made to Measure, 1270 Broadway @ 33rd Street


La Belette Rouge said...

That is a fantastic price for that kind of custom tailoring.