Friday, February 29, 2008

Make it to Measure

Cambridge Members is no more, but has evolved into something even better: My Suit, Made to Measure. My Suit saw the need for greater options in the made-to-measure market, and has responded with a wider range of price points. Their made-to-measure suits start at $495 and can go a lot higher. How, you ask, can they do this? Buy in bulk, baby, and store it in your warehouse. My Suit gets their fabric from all the usual suspects, so you can go bargain (see above "$495") or luxe (think Zegna).

Start by making an appointment, or walk right in and order away. You can even request a sales rep to come to your office; he'll bring the swatches and look books right to you. You'll choose the fabric and styling options, and then they'll take your measurements. Fourteen days later (depending on specifications), your suit is ready. Or further alterations can be done as needed. All this included in your price. Jealous yet, ladies?

Just think, custom buttonholes, pick stitches (go ahead and ask, I did), ticket pockets, center, side, or no vents, pleated or flat front....wait, don't panic, because if you don't know exactly what you want, someone there is ready to help you. I asked if they get many Thom Browne-esque requests? Alas, no, you won't see many short pants on 34th Street. But My Suit does make a lot of fitted, English-style suits. Well, we're getting there, guys. I'll have you in short pants yet.

My Suit, Made to Measure, Greeley Square, 1270 Broadway at 33rd


Anonymous said...

is this place all it's cracked up to be? i'd be on the $495 end for short . . trying to figure out if it'd be a better bet to go the off the rack route. :(

Tricia said...

I haven't heard from anyone who's tried it yet, but for $495 I'm real curious too. Do you have a good tailor? If you do try, let me know!