Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Malan Breton On The Runway

Malan brought a couple of good B celebs this morning (celeb pics to follow later) and again I was a seat filler. Monique had nothing on Malan, who had actual rows empty as opposed to just chairs here and there. It was a 9am show, perhaps too early to get the crowds even for a Project Runway alum.

My first thought as the rich creme separates opened the show was "suits like Oscar or Carolina." Later I read in his Project Runway bio that he was "inspired by a friend, one of America's foremost couturiers." Ok, makes sense. So the clothes were nice, except for the red series because it felt jarring this season. I did spy leggings layered over stockings with a tailored dress, yikes, and the stockings already bugged me, being not sheer and not opaque. But there was a great black shirt dress belted in back. I'm pretty sure it was the "onyx cashmere asymmetrical coat dress" and now I really want to feel it.

The umbrellas looked sort of cheap and out of place with the well-tailored clothing. I know, one of the themes was "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg," but I'd have preferred a less literal translation.

Other favorites were a navy high-collared trapeze jacket and a lovely sapphire gown, after which came the showstopper. Literally, the "scalloped lace and cloud organza tiered" evening gown stopped the show. No one who was at this show is going to buy this beautiful dress unless they have an hour to cross the room. I give model Isabelle big kudos because for her that must have been the world's longest runway ever. I wanted to jump over that guy everyone was taking pictures of, leap onto the runway and rip the hem upwards, yelling "Walk, Isabelle, walk!" Ok, Malan, we know you love Alexander McQueen but until you get that super fabulous you can't sneak in any more hobbling dresses. (Best, he took his bow with hobbled Isabelle in tow and at a much faster pace. Proving the dress really needs to come with a man).


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