Friday, February 1, 2008


Tired of Fashion Week bloggers? Those who talk about what expensive shoes and which designer clothing they'll pack, how little sleep they're getting and how many parties they'll be attending? And how they'll bring us the inside scoop? And then they moan about how much their feet hurt because of "Fashion Week?"

Ok, I'm jealous. I have no expensive shoes and my new jeans are $24.50 from Strawberry (left, high-waisted, totally 80's looking, skinny, long and cheap, go get them now), I don't have to pack because I live in New York, I won't be at parties because I'm not invited, and I'll be hard-pressed to get inside scoop from outside positioning. Oh, and my feet won't hurt because I'll be shod by, no, not Louboutin, Foot Locker! Ha, yes, I'm going to be comfortable all week long! I promise to show many photos of my 3 pairs of shoes from Foot Locker on 34th Street, who were kind enough to let me pick out my favorites. Here's a teaser: Converse and Nike.

What do I care about during Fashion Week? WHAT ARE THE MODELS WEARING (the street version). This is all I care about. Second is what's on the runway. Oh, and I'm a little obsessed with the paparazzi because I met them en masse this afternoon while waiting in line for a press pass. Outside, where many of them do what? Smoke. I'm worried about these people, they live life dangerously, driving round crazy trying to pin down Britney and polluting their lungs. Being an ex-lung polluter, I can talk about how much I worry about smokers while bemoaning the noxious tobacco smoke. So expect some "lifestyles of the paparazzi" from the Fashion Herald. And as many shots of WHAT ARE THE MODELS WEARING as I can get.

Foot Locker, 120 W. 34th between 6th & 7th
Strawberry, Manhattan Mall levels C1 & 1, 33rd @ 6th Ave