Thursday, February 7, 2008

Andre Leon

Ok, I'm a little obsessed with Andre Leon (I'm dropping the Talley, sounds better). Not obsessed like I'm obsessed with Chad Pennington, my new cat, but it's getting there. Watch out Andre Leon, soon I'm going to be poking you while you're napping (get up! do something cute!). Certainly if I see him one more time I've got to ask him a question more penetrating, more revealing, more uncovering of the many layers that is "Andre Leon," than "Who are you supporting in the presidential primary?" (Barak Obama, see, we have so much in common!) Or "Did you vote yesterday in the primary election?" (No, he's registered to vote in North Carolina. I didn't want to bring up the whole absentee ballot thing because, well, it's Andre Leon). Oh, and whoever you are, woman who he was meeting for the Michael Kors show, you should send a nice big gift basket to Andre Leon because he didn't seem too happy about waiting for you to arrive. Let's not make Andre Leon wait in the lobby, people, where he's vulnerable to sophomoric questions from slightly obsessed bloggers.

Here he is, in total Andre Leon regalia. Love him. And once again I ask, where are the adoring fashion groupies? He's just hanging out all casual, chatting on his phone with his mink stole and perfect hat.