Saturday, February 9, 2008

Back in Blass?

The expectations for a Bill Blass collection will always be too high until a designer settles into the house and the memory of Mr. Blass acts as benevolent overseer instead of impossible dream. It's possible the Blass grande dames will never be satisfied, but how about their offspring? Will they connect with Peter Som as their grandmothers did with the iconoclast Blass? Maybe, as Som's first collection for Blass shows great promise. From the opener, an easy Blass reference with a pantsuit and large bowtie, to the breathtaking adaptations (overlarge ruffled blouses, beautiful color combinations of topaz and emerald and ostrich trimmed dresses), this collection is a very good start. It was American and it had flashes of Blass, the designer who was classy, never fussy and always sexy. Peruse the pictures below, but I think Som will grow with this line and keep the Blass legacy alive.