Friday, February 22, 2008

My All-Stars Are Leather

I've been digging these black leather Converse sneaks since fashion week (see Naeem Khan show, below). Thanks, Lady Foot Locker, for the test pair. But yesterday I truly fell in love. Yesterday morning, I finally realized what was going on with my feet. After running for the bus and walking up subway steps, it suddenly came to me: my god, my toes aren't scrunched!

Yes, after all these years, I've got scrunch-free toes. In the All-Stars they even have wiggle room. My running shoes don't do this and certainly none of my heels do this. These leather Chucks also have more support than the canvas Chucks. And they are so good-looking I can wear them with almost anything.

Of course, you'll get "Those aren't Chucks" from your canvas-or-die Converse aficionados. I got that not 5 minutes after trying them on. But it's been years, people. Let Chuck upgrade.

Look, cute shoes! They are fashionweekrunway-able.

Get them at: Lady Foot Locker, 120 W. 34th between 6th & 7th


TREE WAVE said...

those all-stars are amazing! how much do they cost? i can't find them on the lady foot locker site. thank you!

Tricia said...

moonchacha - the shoes are $59.99. I highly recommend them, lately they're all I want to wear!