Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Catch Up

First, check out Xmastime (speaking of whom, we need him to get back on diet track. He fell off before fashion week, arggh, he's such a blank slate...). This is a teaser for his fashion week video, the first segment of which is soon to air here. Next, some show notes from the past few days:

Jill Stuart: Fellow attendees were unimpressed. "Better last year, prettier colors & dresses." I thought the deep, purplish blue used throughout this collection was beautiful. But it was eventually weighed down by the black velvet, perhaps too much of that rich blue, and styling choices, many of which I like (ie: slouchy tall boots and oversized tams) but were altogether too heavy. Luckily this helped create a favorite show moment, the "gasp." When the green silk dress and metallic coat came down the runway it was such a breath of fresh air my coworker almost jumped onto the runway to yank it off the model. So still we can dream about Fall 2008 Jill Stuart in our closet, like the: black sequinned shirt dress, deep blue cutaway coat, leather trench coat, any of the blue satin blouses, and the entire stripey hipster look. I swear if any of these manage to make it in my closet I will hire guards to keep the cats, their shedding hair and sharp little claws, away.

Iodice: The standing room line was cut off about 2 feet in front of me. There were curses, bickering amongst friends, and unhappy buyers. I was OK watching the show on the Mac Trendspot screen (right) with an espresso. Iodice is short and sexy. I like his clothes best when he blends textures, such as a black shawl wrapped over a metallic silver-on-black dress, and a long, shirred wool vest over a black and white strapless dress. For perfect starlet gear get the one-shouldered pink, white and black mini-sheath. But the metal belt buckle was ubiquitous throughout and awkward on the evening dresses. I also didn't like any of the black patent, the snakeskin (?) dress and vest, nor his pants; his forte is the little dress and he does it very well.

Tuesday: Nothing's like getting a seat (and maybe a little gift bag?!) when you are standing room only. Thanks to whoever's seat I was in. They missed out on all this:

Feathers, jeweled details, gold sequinned vests, it all sounds like wow but none of it was too much. The jewel embellished gowns are show stoppers, but I prefer the simple black ones, like the "noir strapless liquid lace dress." My favorite Lhuilliers? The flapper dresses, particularly the gold ones. Just imagine sequins, sleeveless, V-neck with ostrich feathers...oh, here. There's even something for the young, hip client whose been black tied and has nothing to wear. See "deco-jacquard dress with noir lace overlay."