Monday, February 11, 2008

Zang Toi Fall 2008 Collection

Surely all anyone was thinking at the end of Friday, the last day of fashion week, was Sean John for celebs, Marc Jacobs for direction and which after-party when. But Zang Toi at 5pm delicately plucked his audience out of this world of trends and dropped them into one of timeless beauty. Perfectly articulated and thoughtfully presented, full of exacting detail and luxurious fabrics, Zang Toi's collection ruled his runway. Thanks to his separates, fashion week attendees won't think there are only elaborate gowns to wear this fall. Finally, one saw winter coats dominate the runway for a good selection of the show. And the models looked pretty badass in them. Then, just when you thought you couldn't like him more, Zang Toi took his bow not with the blonde in the wedding gown (of course he had a bride!) but the blonde in the tuxedo. Perfect.

I lust for: the antler sweater with the striped layer underneath; the stripes with plaid; the "mohair American Indian floor length cardigan wrap:" the American Indian princess gown (fulfills childhood fantasies and looks incredible); any guy who can pull off that tuxedo (Mr. Jolie?); that pouf sleeve shirt that rivals any pirate look going; and that "Adirondak Star" the bride's got going on.