Monday, February 4, 2008

Sass & Bide on Saturday

This team (Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton) evoked the perfect mood for their show Saturday evening in the tents. Beginning with a little haunting piano music, then kicking it up with exuberant clothes, and ending with a lovely rendition of "Over the Rainbow," it was celebration and homage at once. Dedicated to the memory of a friend Ms. Middleton met in a breast cancer support group, the show was called "Rainbows for Kate."

And the clothes from Sass & Bide pleased. I must have the crinkly (shirred?) tights, a staple layer in many of the changes, as they are the coolest legging I've seen yet. Also on the legs were windowpane fishnets under thigh-highs. Hmm, lots of thigh highs for fall on the runways. I loved the head wraps, especially with the sequined bands, and also liked the ruffled sleeves. The big ruffled collar hanging off one shoulder lent a sort of "screw you, I'm having fun!" feel, and I'm pretty sure I saw some short motorcycle boots on one model (I've always had a thing for cycle boots and leggings, very rocker). Prominent also were splashes of color on black, like sequined rainbow hues. Mixes of madras print made me think ethnic, but less contrived than ethnic prints for spring. And I may mug someone for those long, robe-like coats.

Kudos, also, to the design team for using the most diverse group of models I've seen on the runway yet. It's much easier on the eye.