Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jayson Brunsdon Fall 2008 Collection

"I want to give women the feeling of empowerment through feminine charm and mischief, to live the fantasy of an endless night of love and romance removed from the reality of the world." - from Jayson Brunsdon's show program
Yes! Finally, a guy who knows what we really want. If you're not in love yet, you may be after seeing some of Mr. Brunsdon's clothes from his fall 2008 collection. Perfect as a whole, no, but you shouldn't miss some of these designs, particularly the sexy androgyny and elegantly tailored looks. Tights with leotards I can always do without, but he seemed to toe the line between "what the ***?" and "what a !!!" just right. The fingerless gloves are a good example, I wanted to hate them but just quite didn't.

This man also tailors a mean pant:
I just really wish there was a top underneath. And it won't surprise you that a designer with a flair for the dramatic can stop them dead with a dress like this black gown, beautiful coming and going.

Here are some more favorites; note the nice use of color breaking up the black. And yes, I know, that red cape is perfect for me and Andre Leon. We just have to be sure we don't wear it on the same day.