Friday, February 1, 2008

The Big Event

No, no, not fashion week. I'm thinking Sunday, people. What's the proper gear for the biggest damn game in how many years of New York football history? 8 years; 2000 was the last Giants Superbowl appearance and 1999 was the last Superbowl win. Now focus on this: I want to see Giselle consoling her boyfriend on Monday morning, people, I want Tom Brady weeping in her ridiculously long arms, and I want her taking him flowers to cheer him up. So look sharp and pretty on Sunday. Please wear:

Little Manning's jersey! Get it at Modell's on 6th and 34th for $74.99 in a small. If they only have big ones, belt it and wear it with leggings. And do some homework: Eli's the guy who throws the ball. For your costume change at halftime put on:

Plaxico's jersey! Because these two will be working in tandem to create Superbowl magic. And so will you while you serve up 7- layer dip to your man and all your buds in ankle boots (with heels, of course) and Plaxico's number. He's the guy who catches the ball. Get Plax ($84.99) at Gerry Cosby Sporting Goods in the main lobby of Madison Square Garden, 7th Avenue entrance, but hurry. They've only got two Plaxico's left, one XL and one XXL. I hope you have a big belt.

But please, don't mix Little Manning with this:
It screws him all up.