Friday, February 15, 2008

Pre-Spring Savings

Looks like Gap has some spring on sale. Go check it out as my favorite navy blue sweatshirt (chic sweatshirt, with pockets) is now $24.99. I wanted to get the grey also, but somehow it's screaming "couch" and "spaghetti sauce stains." Try the cute dresses (below for $39.99) and look at the sales rack in the back if you're going someplace warm involving the ocean or looking good by a pool. For some reason, they've got some bathing suits on sale (bottom level, straight back to the right on the wall). Resort markdowns? Great. Now I just need a plane ticket, a hotel room, vacation time, and mama's rum money.

Aforementioned sweatshirt, paired with short black leggings, $19.50. I know, leggings, but often I want something more under a spring dress than my Hanky Panky. I'll wear them to the gym too and these fit great.

Same dress, different kind of blue (and the pinstripe is a smaller size). Pockets included.

Can't stop thinking about seersucker for spring, and this jacket ($43.99 on sale) isn't helping. Of course it has to have pockets, too.

Seersucker, stripes, everything that looks awful in little internet photos, I love. Really, Stripes Forever. And I so want to layer this under a short-sleeved solid T or sweater. Thanks, Zang Toi and all you other designers who can't get enough stripes for fall.

Gap, 60 W. 34th Street at Broadway