Monday, February 4, 2008

Lela Rose's Sunday

I sympathize with anyone who has to do anything on a Sunday morning, let alone stage a culmination of half a year's work. But Lela Rose did herself proud and seemed to have a solid fan club in attendance. On the runway it was all the tasteful aesthete, throwing on her navy anorak to run out quick for lunch. And looks perfect doing it. Nothing was jarring about this show, and nothing revolutionary, but I could not get the lovely, soft colors of her palette out of my head all day. Later, waiting for the Superbowl to begin, I struggled to make note of their hue. Was it magenta? Not rose, but something in-between. Luckily, I had a color expert with me, who described the "rose madderly" and "magnesium purples" as "secondary and tricery colors that allow the skin to brighten and create great subtlety." No wonder I was struggling, Ms. Rose's colors are two and three deep.

Certainly I won't admit to any more technical difficulties, like a full memory card on my camera (morning, SUNDAY morning), so to see more confident, casual sportswear go to