Saturday, February 2, 2008

Friday Fashion Week, Post-Yigal

The BCBG show was a total crush in the main tent. I immediately wished for the intimacy of a Chelsea show with nicer, flirty cameramen and no chubby paparazzi shoving you aside to shoot vaguely familiar celebrities in the front row (is it me, or do they all look like they're from "The Hills?"). From where I was standing (back, back, back row), the short dresses & separates (all belted, just-a little-poufy skirts in neutrals, brown & blue-grey) will keep the BCBG customer happy. I'm looking for the pants, full-legged and sexy they moved great down that runway.

Later I hit the Project Runway Designer show (Victorya) and toted Xmastime along for his first show. The clothes? Attending fashion shows is a lot more fun with Xmastime. Dibs on him for next season. Here he is, far left, outside the show looking in, poor guy! And right, finally he gets in!. The crowd was very chatty. They must have been wondering, as I was, how many versions of that black dress one can see without wanting to grab a couple Fiji waters and run for the doors. Videos of Xmastime "crashing" fashion week will follow next week.

We went back uptown to Bryant Park for Venexiana. This was pure entertainment with the loudest music yet (the bass was pumping so hard I had Motorhead flashbacks). The show opened with a cheer, V-E-N-E-X-I-A-N-A, and the music, I swear, was augmented with screaming fans like an NFL broadcast. The collection? Nothing watered down, straight shots of glamarama, please. The Venexiana client is bold and loves to be noticed. You won't miss her next fall with her strong shoulders, slinky gowns and magenta, fur-trimmed jackets and stoles. She is a '40s screen goddess. The ending brought people to their feet, assisted by the high energy music and fun crowd. I love how she (designer Kati Stern) did a full catwalk bow; if you've got them on their feet, why not bask in it?


BayonneMike said...

Are you sure Xmastime wasn't looking for a bar? I've seen that look before.