Thursday, February 21, 2008

34th Street's European Collection

There's a little Gap European Collection in stores for you to try on. Not a huge selection, but enough to give you an idea of size and style. I wish I'd saved my striped shirt money for this boatneck T:
I love the gathering at the neckline and the banded cuffs. And for $19.50 it's not even splurging on another striped shirt.

Try on this cropped leather coat, $358. Soft leather, tough style, very runway worthy and an easy carry-over into fall:

Part linen, part cotton, obviously better with less winter paleness (comes in black, only size tens left on 34th), but this is a super-functional dress (left, $64.50). I really like it for work with a t-shirt underneath.

There's also a black flare skirt, soft short-sleeved cardigans, & a cute lace strap tank in royal blue. I wish we had this, right, the pintuck dobby shirt available online, just so I can say "I'm wearing my dobby shirt." Now that's European. And the length is great.

I also wish we had this cute dress, but
if those shoes are You Know Who, I'm going to cry in my morning coffee.

And some Gap accessory likes, right. There aren't many blue scarves left on 34th Street, but lots of pinks and yellows. The tote is much cuter in person, and it comes with it's own little matching bag inside, following that admirable bag trend of two for one.

Gap Herald Square, 60 W. 34th at Broadway