Thursday, August 13, 2009

Deal of the Day

Sorry the blog isn't more nuanced these days, but I was slack in scheduling my guest models this week. I do have Martin on tap to try on the new Gap 1969 jeans. In the meantime, Gap Herald Square has a fabulous dress in maternity on sale for $19.99 (there are plenty of M's and L's):

It's black and long, ridiculous inexpensive, and timeless. You know what all this means: basic maternity must-have. Occasionally I balk at wearing long black dresses during the day as they can look too evening. But could this be good for day-into-night? A perfect transition piece? Toss on cute cardigan for day then strip it off and don statement jewelry for evening? Um, does it rock?

Just go buy the dress if you're pregnant because it's going to come in handy. Inevitably, An Event will occur where you need to feel a little sleek and chic.

Ok, sleek from the front. Kind of.

Gap Herald Square, 34th & 6th Ave.


Lipstick said...

hee hee!! I think it is very chic!! Looks comfy too.

WendyB said...

Since when does black mean evening? I only wear it for day. Evening is for color! :-)

Make Do Style said...

The dress is great and you look great!

Anonymous said...

It DOES rock. Was there really any question?

Tricia said...

Lipstick - It's very comfy!
WendyB - Pantone needs to give you lots of $$ for being their gorgeous color spokeswoman.
Make Do - Thanks! It's really a no-brainer dress.
Sal - Yeah, the rock part is obvs!

gg said...

Sparkling Diamond is code for my Missus, a la Moulin Rouge (my guilty pleasure favorite movie)... I have a baby due in October too! She's due on the 22nd, so I suppose you'll beat us to it. ;-) I guess I will have to make her something soon... you can always send him to my website!

Btw, we're having a party at our store in Nolita on the 10th for Fashion Night Out, which I'll be at after the Vena Cava show and before the block party in Billysburg. If you want the details send me a message/email.

And tks for the compliment!

La Belette Rouge said...

You look so elegantly chic in that dress. I remember back in the 80's when pregnancy clothes were usually big stupid tops with writing on them, that my or may not have had appliqué on them. They come a long way, baby.