Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's Fall in Stores...

And it's my favorite season. I won't be buying anything for a while, as I can't even bring myself to buy more maternity, although I'm quickly growing out of a lot of my dresses (forget about the shorts and pants). Seems a little ridiculous when one soon will be hibernating and trying to figure out how to cope with a, um, baby, right?

That's why I got these at H&M Mama when I saw them on sale last month (sweats were marked down to $10):

Ok, I didn't buy the leopard caftan, but I was very tempted. It's not H&M Mama, but it was cleverly placed on a shelf in the maternity section. See "bathing suit cover ups." Although if it's a hot October day that could be a perfect little "leaving the hospital" look. Over the sweatpants, of course. And with a turban (but sans cigarette holder, may be too much, yes?).

As I don sweats every day, Fall, my favorite time of the fashion year, will come and go. And there are lots of events going on at Banana Republic this month to help kick it off:

  • Visit the 34th Street Banana Republic on August 13 for an "After 5" party. Enjoy live entertainment, some snacks, and get 25% off purchases over $100.
  • All new fall women's merchandise should be arriving in store this Thursday
  • 8/20 - 8/23: Buy a pair of denim and get 30% off your purchase.
  • 8/6 - 8/9: Buy 2 markdowns and get 1 free. Ok, this is not going to help free up your closet for fall merch, but why not look around, it's a deal!
More events will be announced later in the month. Meanwhile, enjoy my office mate's recent Banana Republic/Gap/Steve Madden purchases. Here's my favorite shopping quote from Catherine: "I'm cheap and picky." Yes, I'll be taking her shopping on 34th Street soon!

Pants are from Gap, and a great summer look. Just a little wrinkly as we shot them at the end of the workday! And seriously, are all the people I work with photogenic and have gorgeous smiles? Yes.

I love this Banana Republic print top on Catherine. All her pieces are under $30. The shoes (click to see the peacock print) are Steve Madden Luxe. Perfect with both jeans and dressier pants. Catherine claims she won't wear heels, but we'll see about that (muh-ha-ha!). She is sharing an office with the woman who has a big file cabinet full of heels.

Banana Republic,
17 W. 34th Street btwn 5th & 6th
Gap Herald Square, 60 W. 34th at 6th Avenue
Steve Madden, 41 W. 34th Street at 6th Avenue


WendyB said...

Don't tell Catherine but "cheap and picky" are the words I least like to hear from a customer ;-)

I say go for the cigarette holder.

Make Do Style said...

The kaftan is fab and yes turban is required for the pap shots as you leave hospital!

Anonymous said...

Seriously sad you passed on the kaftan.

Tricia said...

WendyB - Cheap and picky, every designer's nightmare. And I'll put one of those candy cigarettes in my holder.
Make Do - And a fabulous cashmere blanket to hide baby from paps!
Sal - I know, all the things I have to pass up on! I need to be rich and covered in WendyB jewelry and fab caftans!

Skye said...

It was caftans ahoy! for me when prego - that leopard one looked fab on you. I vote for a return to the store pronto, lady.