Thursday, August 6, 2009

Online Maternity Ordering: What I Learned

I'm out of town on a brief holiday, so before I sign out for the weekend, I'll share with you What I Learned after a couple weeks of online ordering some maternity necessities.

Gap hipster briefs. Pregnant model or photoshopped belly?

These are great hipster briefs. But if they are maternity, I'll eat the whole package. I'm really looking for some comfortable, yes, granny-like panties for these final months (maternity thongs are great, I highly recommend them, but I need the big-pantie back-up). I ordered them online as I didn't see the hipsters in store on 34th Street. They came, said "GapBody" on the label, and I knew they'd never fit. I can, however, recommend them for women who are petite and not carrying big. But if you've gained 35 lbs. and have 10 weeks to go, no, don't waste your time.

I then tried ordering these Medela bikinis from Gap. I followed the sizing instructions and got "M" as that's my pre-maternity size. They came and they did not fit. I definitely need the "L." Again, I'm now 185 lbs. (and I'm a little over 5'10), so the Medela people are most likely cursing me and the rear end that today knocked over display items in the aisle at the grocery store. Fair enough, but if you're pregnant and my size then I say "be damned fitting advice," and get the "L."

Same-same with this Old Navy suit (no maternity suits on Old Navy 34th St). I got a one-piece as it feels really good bobbing around in the pool these days and I don't like bikinis at the swimming pool. I ordered the M and it barely stretched over me. Horrors! This is Old Navy sizing! The M should have room to grow, but no, I'm now wearing the L. I'm very happy with the suit (it's on sale now for $14.99) and the fit is great except for an extra bit of fabric on the southern end that creates an, ahem, "manly" silhouette. I'm thinking this is my room to grow.

And what did I learn today? My center of gravity isn't what it used to be, especially on canoes. Luckily my husband was in the mood for a little swim.


Anonymous said...

Those pregnant girls look like photoshopped baby bumps! They're kind of scary. Haha.

Kira Aderne said...

very cute bely!

Erin said...

First of all, I'd like to give you a standing ovation for the line "maternity thongs are great" because from basically the moment I found out I was pregnant, I'd submerge myself in large, supportive granny panties every morning.

Actually, there's no second. I'm just really in awe of your dedication to remotely sexy underwear during pregnancy.

WendyB said...

If you're eating packages of panties, you've definitely got the most unusual cravings of any pregnant ladies I have known :-P

Tricia said...

WendyB - google "pica" and be prepared to get totally grossed out! Very common, I guess, for pregnant women. Luckily so far I just want copious quantities of Peter Pan donuts.
Erin - I think I love the thongs because none of the maternity "bikinis" fit! It's sad, like a band-aid on an elephant leg. I'm going to JCPenney and get their maternity undies:)
Kira - not mine! I suspect those aren't really preggos.

-- - Farren, me too! Yuk! It's almost as bad as all those fake pregnant models who cup their "bellies" in all their shots. I'd rather see them trying to paddle a canoe with that fake belly.

The Preppy Princess said...

Oh Miss Fashion, we're glad you can swim too! Yikes!

You are finding some great maternity stuff but it's a shame the sizes don't fit as described. :(

Hopefully you aren't melting yet with the summer heat and humidity.

Angela said...

joy of motherhood. : ) hope you had fun on your vacation. : )

Miss Yaya said...

def photoshopped bellies.. aren't there preggo models out there?