Saturday, August 15, 2009

Christian Siriano Makeup Launch

Victoria's Secret, Herald Square, from noon - 3pm today, catch Christian Siriano and the launch of his new makeup line. He'll be signing autographs and you can get a makeover and tips from his team.

Photo from Nitrolicious

Me, I'm waiting for his shoes to hit Payless. Want the green booties. I'll have to check Payless next week, as the fall designer collab lines are usually in Herald Square mid-August.

Victoria's Secret Herald Square, 34th & 6th
Payless, 34th & Broadway


Anonymous said...

OOH! I am waiting very patiently for the Fall Designer collection for Payless to pop up on the website. =D But, I think this time around I'm going to be more careful. Some of the sandals I've bought (most A+O) I've only worn once. =/ Eek!

Tricia said...

Hey, farren, tell me all, why have you worn them only once? Uncomfortable? Or was it the style? I'm curious. There are certain styles I wear all the time: a couple of old Abaete boots, red Abaete flate, but none of her heels, I think they're too uncomfortable. I don't own any a+o, but I got the super-high heeled Patricia Field sandals and love them.