Thursday, August 20, 2009

Esprit de 34th Street?

Perhaps you didn't realize that Apple, years ago, leased a space on 34th Street (21-25 W. 34th) to build a store? And then decided not to go ahead with the site, but has been paying rent for it since 2006? In an Observer bit by Dana Rubinstein called "Esprit de Core? Apparel Giant Chomping at Apple Space on 34th," an unconfirmed rumor is officially confirmed as a rumor: Esprit may be taking over the lease.

Rendering of possible Apple store on 34th Street. Sigh. Should we start a Topshop-like campaign to convince M. Jobs that we are worthy? Really, we are. We have very pretty trash cans and lovely tree pits.
Esprit offerings from their website. Ahem.

This is not the Esprit my sister and I dreamed of buying as young teens living in Iowa. We used to pour over Esprit's colorful mailers like we were Little House on the Prairie pioneers reading the Sears catalog. That was back in the day when Midwest fashion really truly was nonexistent (Cintra is about 20 years behind). But did I hear the company is going through another overhaul? I say bring back the Esprit of yore. Of course, I haven't shopped Esprit in years, so perhaps the stores are a different, more fashionable animal? Comments from Esprit shoppers very welcome, thanks.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I remember the days of LUSTING after Esprit clothes! They're far less whimsical now, but I've owned a few cute pieces in more recent years.

WendyB said...

I too remember the days of pining for Esprit! I had a purple and orange outfit :-)

39th and Broadway said...

OMG an Apple store would've been fantastic! I kinda wish I didn't hear this.

I think you all should start a Top Shop and an Apple petition right here!

Tricia said...

39th - I know, that rendering made me more than a little depressed.
WendyB - It was the end all for my sister and I, and we were so jealous of our cousin because she'd regularly order from the catalog:)
Sal - ahh, thanks for the testimonial! I was very unimpressed with their online offerings.

eeps said...

i used to love esprit too, in my teens. the quality and design have gone so downhill since then, i avoid them. they're on just about every block in hong kong, and i feel like i'm in an old navy there.