Monday, August 24, 2009

Maternity 1969

Will it ever stop, these 1969's? No, because today it's maternity 1969! Why? I am unable to walk down to 34th Street to scope out new fashion. On Saturday I wore heels because I'm vain, vain, and vain. Long story short, we had a baby shower in our old hometown and I knew my girl, a modeling cohort from back in the day, would be dropping by. Do you think I'm going to let my old runway partner out-heel me? Hell, no. You should have seen my feet Saturday night, shamefully swollen. But worth every painful minute because my girl did me proud with her 6-inch heels.

Luckily, today I remembered that I tried on the maternity 1969's while Martin tried on the boys at Gap Herald Square.

side shot of the "Long & Lean" maternity flared legs, $69.50. "Long & Lean," hahaha! These have the full maternity panel and great stretch. Lace-trimmed tank worn throughout is GapMaternity.

Left: Curvy, limited edition button-welt wide-legs with the semi-demi panel, $69.50. Right: "Always Skinny," $79.50, no panel.

My favorites? "Long & Lean." These are really long (I had the regular inseam, I need the long inseam for the other two styles) and the flared leg was perfect. For maternity staples, I'd buy these for a wide-leg, and get the JCPenney for straight-legs. Not that I didn't like "Always Skinny," but the JCP's were less $$.

Comfort-speaking, the 1969's scored high with me. Full-panel, semi-panel, or no panel, there was no chafing and sitting down was perfectly fine with no painful digging into the belly. I stuck with the 29/8's, my pre-maternity size, and the fit in all styles was right on. Definitely try on a couple styles of the 1969's to find your favorite and help you through all your big months.

Herald Square, 60 W. 34th @ 6th Avenue


Lipstick said...

I *love* that you were teetering on giant heels all preggo!!! Fabulous!! for some Fashion Herald trivia...have you ever revealed your real height?

WendyB said...

I'm proud of you for going for the heels! Now remind me, when are you having this baby?

Tricia said...

Lipstick - 5'10 1/2! That half inch is very important :)
Wendy - thanks! my sisters and friends were just shaking their heads. Due date is 10/10, so I've got about 6 1/2 weeks.

Dream Sequins said...

You always see celebrity pregnant ladies sporting the heels... And you wonder: how do they manage???

Wow- I'm very envious of your height! I guess I would be about your height wearing my 5.5 inch wedges ;)

Tricia said...

DS - I don't know how they manage, especially in the later months. But a limo would be really helpful right now!

Anonymous said...

Hope the heels were chunky, at least!

Make Do Style said...

Good work and the heels do make you feel humanish for a while!