Monday, February 14, 2011

Totally Worth It! IFB's Evolving Influence Blogger Conference

Kudos to Jennine Jacob and this season's Evolving Influence Conference held at Mac and Milk Studios last Thursday. I attended in the morning, and if the rest of the day was as good as "The Business of Blogging" panel, then attendees were in for a seriously substantial conference. I've been to a few social media conferences, some good, some where you hear a lot of "be true to yourself and they will come," and very few that give you the cold, hard, really necessary facts. Inspirational truisms from the mouths of successful bloggers usually rule the day at such events, but Gregory Shove from Halogen just set a new standard. He even gave out advertising rates. Fashion bloggers, go get your fake fur and big hat-wearing butts over to IFB and read those live blogs!

Sal sitting on the couch with Kendra of DBA. Totally great workshop, thanks to both the gorgeous panelists!
Also, if you are able to attend the next IFB conference, be sure to sign up for a couple of workshops. I stopped by for part of the Start Up workshop and saw Sal of Already Pretty talk at the Media workshop. Both workshops were thorough and evolved down interesting paths as the more intimate setting made for good Q&As. 

The sun was setting towards the end of the workshop. Gorgeous setting at the top of The Standard Hotel's Le Bain.


WendyB said...

I only got to see you for a split second! Boo!

Tricia said...

Boo, indeed! You looked particularly gorgeous, Ms. WendyB.