Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's Modern At Christian Siriano Fall 2011

Christian Siriano for Fall 2011? Please, Payless make the Tall-Shaft Armor Boot. I think you can guess which of the below is the Tall-Shaft Armor Boot.

Photos courtesy of Payless
Now we all know by now that the runway shoes don't always make it to the stores, just like the clothes. Here's a quote from the Payless release: "The Christian Siriano for Payless Gold collection is Christian's Runway-to-Reality line for Payless that will result in a collection of about five shoes and two handbags. All styles are inspired by the shoe and handbag designs seen on the runway." So don't expect them all come next September.

And the rest of the show? I joyfully reunited with Old Intern Craig (he's covering Fashion Week for The Fashion List) and we worked our way up to a very crowded standing room. I'm going to let my live Siriano tweets tell the Siriano show story (all photos from unless credited otherwise).

"Serious black & sheer 1st looks @csiriano Now some gorgeous graphite colors. And the booties & straps up calves? Please be @PaylessInsider"

 "God, black, graphite & a deep olive green - @csiriano is a designer after my own heart... Omg model down!"

This one's from Huffington Post.

From @LesFabian 
"@fashionherald I missed it b/c I was taking notes"

My reply to Lester, who works at FashionIndie
"I was just turned away talking about aubergine! But I caught the aftermath."

This is not aubergine. And everyone clapped when she got up. Brave girl!

"Mannish long sleeved T's with huge puffy ballgown skirts? So me. Thank you @csiriano."

"@csiriano show-Sleek, cold city girl who's not afraid of little ruffle detail at night. Modern Siriano=good direction."

"Sleek, cold city girl" I stole from Old Intern Craig. Later that night...

"I can't get Zsa Zsa Gabor-esque @csiriano bouncing tulle dress out of my head from show tonight. Green Gables? Bewitched? I Dream of Jeanie?"

And thus ended my Fall 2011 Siriano moment. Mindboggling and brilliant? No, but beautiful and promising? Yes.


The Preppy Princess said...

Don't go into shock... but I liked a number of the styles, they were just gorgeous!

Sending you a smile Miss Fashion, glad you are surviving the week. :)