Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tracy Reese Fall '11

Kati here, helping Fashion Herald with Fashion Week Coverage.

Nothing like a feminine and flirty fashion show to knock your Valentine's Day up a notch. Tracy Reese fit the bill perfectly on Monday with her Fall 2011 Show. Guests were greeted with lovely gold sachets full of chocolate heart candies, while the dramatic set and pre-show music set the mood.

The show opened with this beautiful purple mix of pleats, fur and knits, while Kanye West & Rhianna's "All of the Lights" played. The energy didn't stop as Ms. Reese continued to mix fabrics, patterns and colors. I almost gasped when this yellow came out.

Photos from Style.com

I'm digging the monochromatic schemes all around here from the sunglasses, out to the furs, and back down to the boots. And there's no better Valentine's Day treat than front row celebrity spotting. Here we have Veronica Webb, June Ambrose, Julia Stiles, Gabrielle Union, and Natalie Morales. 


Anonymous said...

Those colors are heavenly!