Tuesday, February 22, 2011

UGG Australia Takes Manhattan

I"ll be post-dating a lot of our final fashion week coverage because my weekend turned into a sick-fest as opposed to a work-fest. But for today, which I spent home sick with a sick Baby Herald (see? sick-fest!), I'm sharing these limited edition, one-of-a-kind UGGs I first saw a sample of last fall at the UGG store opening on Madison:

Photo courtesy of UGG
Now these boots, $800, are available in stores but only in the Manhattan UGG stores on Madison, the Upper West Side, and Soho. And what's that on the boot? Yes, the Empire State Building outlined in Swarovski crystals! Of course the Empire State Building is on 34th Street, and so is Swarovski. To buy these special UGGs you'll have to go off 34th Street. But the Swarovski boutique can satisfy all your Austrian crystal needs. And I believe UGG Australia is making special, limited-edition boots for other major US cities, so if you're not in NYC, keep an eye out at your UGG boutique for an iconic urban image made with Swarovski crystals.

Updated to add: A few of my amateur snaps of the exclusive city UGGs from the opening last fall:
The front. Photos really don't do these justice, they require an IRL look.
Empire State Building love surrounds these UGGs.

Swarovski Penn Plaza, 200 W. 34th Street at 7th Avenue


Anonymous said...

I wonder if these $800 boots are manufactured in China, as many of the UGG boots are made there. NOT in Australia. So, no, the skins are not from Australia either.

Tricia said...

Yes, shocking to hear that an international corporation manufactures in China. UGG Australia is now owned by Deckers Outdoor Corp, located in Goleta, California. And I could be mistaken, but the company sources its materials from all over the world.

Anonymous said...

They're ugly and only something a Kardashian or a tourist would buy. $800... ha.