Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yes, UGG!

See these things floating around up here? It's all UGG. 

Are you one of those people who wouldn't be caught dead in UGGs in Midtown, and scoff at commuters wearing them to work, but every winter weekend in the privacy of your home, nothing can pry them off your cold, tired feet? And you curse the fashion powers that be, and the tourists and college girls who have ruined UGGs for you forever? Well, UGG Australia is now here for us closet UGG'ers.

I was not expecting to be OMG'ing the UGG at their new store opening on Madison Avenue last Thursday night, but I was. I give big style credit to UGG Australia for reinventing the brand without losing touch of what UGG is all about: the sheepskin. And now it's about fashion too, along with the usual luxurious comfort. And now I'd like to wear UGG all winter and all up and down Midtown.

There was lots of mugging at UGG. Luckily gorgeous Midtown Girl was there so Intern Craig and I made her take several goofy shots.

Me and Intern Craig!

Midtown Girl!

And yes, those are clog booties and clog boots up there. Intern Craig swears by UGG's driving shoes, and the tall leather boots are perfect country chic. I'm saving the special edition Midtown UGGs for Midtown Girl to post, keep an eye out for them on her blog soon! Unfortunately, Macy's Herald Square is not carrying the outerwear line yet. But I'll be checking out Herald Square and other stores on 34th Street for those leather boots. The outerwear is currently only available at Lord & Taylor and the new UGG Australia store on Madison and 58th. 


La Belette Rouge said...

I dugg many of those Uggs. And I will admit I still have my ugly Uggs and I will not be getting rid of them anytime soon. They are my dog walking shoes when its cold.

Kati said...

you guys need to frame this hug picture in your office. too cute!

Kati said...

also you are spot-on with your description of why i can't wear uggs anywhere besides to the laundromat anymore..