Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What I'm Wearing Everyday: Extreme, Freaky Jeggings

Why didn't I buy this jacket? I could be wearing it every day too, grrr.
I'm hardly joking. Ever since just before last Fashion Week, when I dropped by American Eagle Outfitters, tried on their jeggings, and BOGO'd a blue and a green cargo, I've worn these jeggings practically every day. If I don't wear them to work, I pull them on for post-work bodega runs. And every Saturday and Sunday I wear a pair to push Baby Herald on the swings, do laundry, shop, or participate in big baby-pile meetups. I know, *sigh,* I'm now totally domesticated.

 These are really, really comfortable. And I'm impressed with how they've held up to my extreme, daily wear-and-tear. First they were my "Fashion Week uniform" pants, then they became "crawling on the floor" pants, and "puked-on" pants, and "wipe off the puke and wear them to work" pants. Today I'd still wear these to almost any event with the mandatory sky-high heels or boots. My only complaint is the jeggings in store are short for me, so I usually roll a cuff. I would buy them in long online, but only select styles of jeans, not the jeggings, are available in "Extended Sizes." Oh how I love politically correct sizing vocabulary. Let me un-PC translate: plus size, petite, tall, and really tall, aka all us freaks. When I have a clothing line, after I become famous and don't go to design school, I'm going to call my extended sizes "Freaky Sizes." Anyway, buy the AEO jeggings, they are incredibly comfortable and now even more chic, as I see they've added a zipper up the calf of the cargo jegging.

Too tight , wrong size! But cord jeggings are also adorable.
Zipper cargo.

American Eagle Outfitters, 40 W. 34th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues


WendyB said...

I'll take the non-puke version please!

Anonymous said...

I love the jacket in the photo! Too cute.
You look great in the jeggings. I've tried them but not sure they look good on me. Comfy though!