Friday, July 22, 2011

Borders Liquidation Sale Update

The yellow signs are up and the liquidation sale has begun at Borders Penn Plaza. I dropped by this morning and the store was packed. Please note: no longer can you get coffee, use the bathroom, or sit around the store on the floor browsing books, etc. Perhaps it was the mother sitting on the floor letting her toddler ransack toys that prompted the voice I soon heard over the loudspeaker, saying something like, "The cafe is closed, there is no access to the bathroom, and there are no longer seating areas in the store. I repeat, no sitting in the store." Tragic! Remember those days of browsing Borders for hours, reading expensive fashion magazines, checking out chapters of self-help books, or taking notes from a travel guide?! No mas.

As for the sales, I was not motivated enough by 10% off to stand in the line at the registers, even though it was moving quickly. Most of the paperbacks, fiction, and non-fiction hardcovers are 10% off. Romance is 30% off, and scattered throughout the store are a few bargain basement deals and 40% off'rs, but 10% is the norm. I almost picked up Bananagrams but again, was too exhausted from walking on 34th Street in the heat to stand in line. Instead, I headed for the nearest, coolest drink and decided to drop by again next week. RIP, Borders Penn Plaza.

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Borders 2 Penn Plaza, 33rd Street and Seventh Avenue