Monday, July 11, 2011

You gotta wanna Benefit at 34th Street Sephora

There's a great benefit event in Sephora 34th Street this Friday, so all you beauty junkies should call*and reserve an appointment for a customized consultation with Maggie Ford Danielson, beauty expert and daughter of one of benefit's founders.

My inside intel tells me the new benefit eye kits, which are being released this Friday, the day of the event, are pretty amazing. So even if you don't have time this Friday to sit down for a consultation, drop by soon to try out the new eye wanna and eye gotta kits. I know I gotta get some new eye makeup, as my old shadows are way past a mere I wanna new color phase.

* Call 212-629-9135, ask to speak with Lisa Marie or Bernice, and tell them you'd like to reserve a time for the Friday Benefit event

Sephora 34th Street  212-629-9135
130 W. 34th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue